(A letter to our soldier from his sweetheart…letter is shared “as is”…misspellings and all.)

Converse, Indiana

My Darling Sweetheart,
    Honey please try to make this letter out. Because I’m in bed trying my best to write it. I received your very sweet letter this morning and tryed to answer it as soon as I got it but it seemed like every time I’d start somebody would interfere. But Gertie and I are here alone now and I’ll finish if it takes me all nite, cause I want this mailed early in the morning. Your proably wondering why I’m in bed. Well I’ve been here two days now. I’ve not worked at all since I’ve came back. I was going to work Tuesday But I was left So Tuesday afternoon, Gertie and Francis, Erma and I walked about 5 or 6 miles I think and when we got back I went to lodge and while I was up there my leg started hurting and hasn’t let up yet. It seems like my leg gets weaker all the time. Mother went to the Dr just a while ago to see about having x-rays taken So I’ll know about that when she gets back.
      I’m going to cash in some of my bonds for the money I’m going to need. I sure hate this laying in bed. Honey this morning before I got your letter the Anacond was here. Told Mother to call them when we found out what I was going to do. But when Mother brought your letter Daddy said if that factory man could see me then He would swear I was able to work.
     Oh Darling your letters are so wonderful they sure hit the spot. You don’t believe me do you honey? Please do. I love you honey honest I do. Don came in today for a very short while. I told him you were going to write him. Say honey it looks like my whole family has decided you are the one for me. Aunt Ruth was down today. She thinks the same. I told you I was interrupted every time I started writing. Well Uncle Jack is listening to the radio and full blast. Sweetheart please write to me as often as you can. Your letters mean a great deal to me. I miss you darling I do I miss you so much. I sure hope you get that weekend pass. But honey I don’t think we should do what you said we would do. I mean just right now. I’ll keep my promise to you Darling I won’t never forget what we’ve planned to do. Dearest in your letter you said you wanted to call me. Honey why didn’t you I would of payed for the call. Your so sweet I can never forget the things you’ve done for me. I’m sure glad you aren’t the kind of guy who drinks because theres nothing else to do. Honey I love you and I want to be with you all the time. So you wrote your Dad a letter and told him we were going to get married. I wish I knew how your folks really felt about me. I’m so weak honey I can’t hardly write. Yes honey I wrote the letter I’m which you probably know by now. I told him that you wanted me to marry you and I couldn’t see giving you up cause never could I find any one who could be any better to me than you. Say honey when we get married I want you to keep your promise to me. You said you wouldn’t even go out on the porch unless I went with you. Honey that’s the way I want it to be – always together. Honey I hope they don’t send you out west or some where far away. But all we can do is just wait and see what happens.
     We got word today that Le Roy is going to get to come home. Maybe the first of next week for good. He was always talking about how much fun he had the night we were all together. Honey Mother just came back from the Dr. But he wasn’t there. He was in Indianapolis for something.
     So your telling the fellows up there that I’m your wife, so they won’t write to me.. You jealous thing. You should be like me I’m not a bit jealous of you. Don’t you dare let me hear about you writing to some other girl. I guess I am pretty jealous of you. But its all your fault. You said you couldn’t love anyone unless they were jealous of you. So that was the only way I could make you love me. Or am I wrong honey. You love me don’t you sweetheart. But you never mentioned anything in your letter wether you were glad to see me over the week end or not. Tell me Darling did you really enjoy being with me. Don’t say yes unless you mean it Darling. I’m telling you honey I enjoyed myself very much. Just to be near you I wish you would be hear tonite. I’m so lonesome and I hate to stay in bed. But my les is to weak and akes so bad I guess its best I lay here. But if you come home I’ll get out of here or die. But I hope to know by tomorrow what is what with the Dr. and me. I wrote my brother another letter today. But I’ve never received any mail from him lately .
     Well honey one good thing when Mother gets my check tomorrow I’ll have enough to pay everybody. But I’d like to send you some money. Honey if at any time you need any money please write and ask me for it. Guess I’d better be signing off with love and stuff and lots of both. Dearest I do hate to close. But hope you can make this out cause laying in bed and writing isn’t so easy. Oh Gosh honey I love you I’ve got to close for now. So I’ll say so long with Gobs of love and kiss for you and you only. Nite Dearest.

Your little Darling.