I don’t have time for nonsense.

With three kids, a husband, a part time job, a full-time volunteer position…I don’t have time for nonsense, drama, or anything that adds any more craziness to my already hectic life.

First it was about a new Ancestry.com website.  This didn’t bother me so much, as everything is new at some point,right?  I mean the initial Ancestry.com was a learning experience that I got used to.  This is how I look at it when Facebook does an upgrade, or my Mac’s operating system is upgraded…it may take some getting used to, but you live with it, and hopefully you adjust.  However, there was also drama, because this was not, a popular change among the masses.

A short time later in the year,  I read of changes in Ancestry.com’s  subscription plans, and alarms went off in my head.  This sounded like drama.  This sounded like changes in what I was being offered as a subscriber.   I could have access to more databases, but my subscription rate would go up.  Or I could pay what I was currently paying (or pay less), and have less access than what I currently had.  Wait…What?  No Thank You!

I didn’t have time for that kind of ridiculousness, and I began to research my options.

Fast forward to just a short time ago when Ancestry.com (once again) came out with an announcement.  They were no longer going to sell Family Tree Maker nor would they continue to offer FTM support as of January 2017.

That was the final step.  I’m sure they had their reasons for doing everything they did, but honestly, Ancestry.com, it’s just too much.  I like consistency.  I like drama-free.  I don’t want to have to think twice or bang my head against a brick wall except for my ancestor brick-walls that I’m trying to knock down.

I merely want and expect things to work in the way they are supposed to.

My Ancestry subscription has lapsed, and I’m now a proud subscriber to two other sites, for LESS than what I was paying for a year of Ancestry.  There are less databases, but its a more intense focus on my New England ancestors, which is what I’m ready for in my current research.  And let’s not forget that I was doing genealogy via FREE databases for YEARS before ever taking a bite of the Ancestry.com apple.

My Family Tree Maker software is …ugh. Bothersome.  I’ve never cared for it, but after making the change from PC to Mac, it was the option that I chose.  A few things haven’t been working right on my version for some time now, and I could probably contact customer support to get it fixed, but I’ve found ways to work around the issues, as I had no desire or time to call some software geek who would walk me through varying steps of making me feel technologically challenged, when in actuality,  it was the product that wasn’t keeping up with my computer.

So change is needed.

I’ve found a new genealogy program in RootsMagic,and I’m using just the basic version as I begin to acclimate myself to this change.  However, today I read that RootsMagic is offering the upgrade of their program for only $20 to FTM users plus a free book on using their system.  SOLD!

I’m looking at the RootsMagic people saying to all of us genealogists, “Yes! We understand your frustration and it’s okay. Let us help you!”  In the meantime,  Ancestry.com is sitting in their tower looking over their spreadsheets of quarterly earnings saying to themselves “How can we increase this even more than what we already have?”

I don’t have time for that kind of nonsense.

Adios Ancestry.com.  It was fun while it lasted.