Picture with me for a moment – driving along a country road at night. It’s a pretty sparse country road, with the closest town being 10-15 minutes away.  The car headlights chase the curves in the road, unsure of what we may come upon. The road turns to the left just a bit, and up a hill.   Topping over the hill, you see it…the bright glow of a house that is on fire!

Oh….wait….no, that house is NOT on fire. It’s the glow of bright orange electric candles in every. stinkin’. window – causing the home to put out a glow, almost resembling a bonfire before a homecoming football game!

That glowing house was my house at Christmas time. And it wasn’t just a single candle in each window…it was a trio. Three. Tres. Do the math with me. 3 candles x 14 windows…yeah, you’re starting to see the glow now aren’t you?

Adding to that –  what I am certain were the oldest outdoor Christmas decorations left on earth.  TWO 4 foot plastic candles (more candles!) that read “NOEL” down the front.  ONE 5 foot plastic Santa Claus (with finger appropriately positioned against his nose, as if ready to take off through our non-existent chimney) – both candles and Santa, once plugged in looked more transparent as the paint originally used on their plastic bodies had worn off long ago.

And then there were the lights. No, not the bright beautiful LED lights that are seen today, and not even were they miniature lights. These were the B I G C9 light bulbs that were strung along the shrubs in front of our house.

All part of the magic of the Christmas season, right? Tell that to the wisemen who stopped at our house, certain that the glow they saw in the sky was from a star. Boy were they surprised when they popped over that hill and didn’t find a King, but instead found our house – in all of it’s electrified, Christmas glory.


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