(“Christmas carols, church music and even more modern novelty songs are all a big part of our Christmas memories. What songs were your favorites as a child and are they still your favorites or do you have new ones? What about your parents or family members – were there certain songs or types of Christmas music played during the season? And how would you describe the type of Christmas music you like?”)

When I was growing up, the very first record my mom would play was Lynn Anderson’s Christmas record. Yes, it was country music. Stop laughing. Yes, it was an actual record.  Really. Okay, yes it was old school country music. More twang and steel guitar than what should be allowed on one record album.


Oddly enough, I still love that record. But, sad to say, I do not own a record player, and the album has been out of print for years. Thanks to an amazing little thing called iTunes, I was able to obtain a digital copy and burned my own CD, and I can get rid of that sad little cassette tape where I recorded that album years ago.

I’d say its time for the first Christmas song from the first Christmas record of my Christmas season…don’t you think??? Enjoy!!


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