(Continuing the letters written by our soldier to his sweetheart – “as is”)

My Dearest little Darling:

Just a line to the brightest little ray of sunshine in my life on the darkest day I believe. Now aint that a hot beginning but I mean it dear. But I sure am blue and home sick today. If I was the kind of man that indulged in intoxicating refreshments I think I should be tempted to get on a real one today. I went over to beer city with Sparks and had a couple of beers last nite then went to the 8:00 show. They sure do have a nice theater hear. I came in the Rec. Hall writing this and the boys are practicing for a littel program they are going to put on tonite. I just wrote dad a letter and told him we were going to get married. I might not have you but I will have the papers to show that you are mine. Have you written that letter we were talking about Sun.? I hope so as I think we should have decided to of done this a long time ago. I don’t know if I will be able to get a pass Sat or not, but if I feel like I do now I will be home one way or another if you get what I mean.

Good morning sweet heart this is the 5th. I was call out yesterday and didn’t get to finish this but I am going to finish it now if I have to whip the whole damn army and I feel like mabey I could do it today, of course I would probaly change my mind before I got through. I should have my ___ kicked for not finishing it. last night I went to a damn program instead I sure am cussin this morning aint I.
I sure do wish I could re-arrange the alphabet so I could put U & I closer together this morning. Honey if I ever get out of this Army I won’t even go out on the porch unless your along. I miss everybody but I miss you most of all. I don’t know what I would do if they shipped me out west or some other far away port and it would be just my luck for it to happen. I am planning on getting it this week or the first of next.
Chap Taylor got shipped Mon. so I guess it is a good thing he did go home over the wkend, if you happen to find out where he went to let me know will you. I was sitting out in the park yesterday watching all of the boys with there folks and sweethearts and wives and I got the strangest feeling I wanted to call you so bad but it cost so much and I decided I hadn’t better do it. It makes me feel like I was a tramp or something of that nature any how because it has been a long time since I couldn’t spend a dollar or two and not miss it, but I suppose I might just as well get used to it. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was training or something to help get this war over but I’m not doing anything and this damn sitting around is about to get the best of me.
I don’t think I will ever feel right till the day they tell me that I can come back to you. I was showing your picture to some of the boys the other nite and I told them you were my wife. Please don’t be mad at me for telling them that. if I hadn’t they would of wanted your address and honey I guess I’m powerful selfish but I don’t want any of them writing to you. I know it wouldn’t hurt anything if they did but if you have any time to write any body I want it to be me. I will probably find out someday to my sorrow that I am just to jealous of you. Dearest if anything ever happened that I couldn’t have you I don’t know what I would do I love you so much. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have anything else when I got out of here if I had you to help me I could get the rest. Honey please don’t ever change your mind about wanting me.
Honey have you taken those films in yet? I hope so I am very anxious to get those pictures. Well toots I suppose I had better close this thing because I have to write mother a letter. I have only written her once since I have been in here.
I hope you have seen Don by now. I have to write him a letter two so this is me signing off with all my love and with but one thought in mind and that is of a gal that is going to be my wife soon I hope.

First, Last, and always
I! Love! You!