What qualifies as a good name?  As parents, Mr. D. and I put a lot of thought into what we would name each of our children, making sure that they were named after someone incredibly important in our lives or that the very meaning of their name would be a testament to their lives.  But let’s face it, naming the kids isn’t always an easy task.  It took us until after our 3rd child was born before we agreed on a name for him (and even then I totally pulled the “I gave birth to this child, I’m naming this child” card). Sometimes, the names are trendy, and sometimes they’re just plain weird.  So…in honor of the oddball names that every family has at least one of, here are a few from my heritage.  Starting with the most obvious…my own.

Candy – Really mom? You had to do it? What were you thinking? Okay, granted my given name is Candace, but to be honest nobody calls me that except for the IRS. So here I am, 42 years old with a name that is best known as the only name given to strippers, prostitutes, and air-head cheerleaders in the movies. The story that I’ve always been told is that I was going to be named “Heidi” until the morning I was born.   As my parents were reading the newspaper, they came across a wedding announcement where the bride’s name was…yes, Candace. My mom said she was such a beautiful bride that she decided then and there I would be Candace and not Heidi. (Almost makes me want to dig that newspaper up in the library archives and find out who the woman is that was ultimately responsible.)

Moving on…some of my favorites from within the branches of my family tree ~

Nettie & Zettie – twin sisters

Experience – I actually have a few of these

Goldie – Hmmm…retriever or great-grandmother?

Florida & Mississippi – Not a single relative in either of these states, but they got named after them?

Loizy – Not Lois, not Lizzy…but Loizy

Lucretia – I have no idea.

Mehitable, Honor, Temperance, Beriah, Bethyah – Quite a few of all of these, not surprisingly from colonial era.

Feronia – I have no idea, but momma loved it so much she named 2 of her daughters with this one. (Ferona & Feronia)

and last but certainly not least… Lioka, Kailani, Kaiu – Thanks to my Hawaiian ancestors (which just begs the question of how a white girl from the midwest ended up with ancestors on the Islands? Well that’s another story for another day!)


(This post originally appeared Party of Five in its original form.  I have updated it and included it here as part of my family history.)