Dearest Cousin,
I have only just recently learned that we were related, but nevertheless, I felt that I needed to write this letter to you. You see there is a group of individuals – no, more like acquaintances – okay, actually we’re quickly becoming friends who have been writing letters to their ancestors. I’ve been wanting to, I just didn’t know how to pick ONE ancestor…or at least the ONE who would have the honor of being the first. When I did finally decide that it was to be you who was to be the lucky recipient, it was not only because you are my newest family discovery, but let’s face it – I’m a history nerd. Common sense screamed that this letter had to be written to you.

I sit here and I wonder what you would think of the state of our country today. There is so much happening…well, first of all – it’s not just 13 Colonies or even the 16 States that were a part of the Union while you were alive, but there are now 50 States! (And also Washington D.C. which admittedly, is another lesson for another day on how the whole “Federal District” idea works) There was a point in time when the unity that you fought so hard to establish for our country was most certainly in peril when states in the North and states in the South fought against one another. But there were also many moments in history where we have united strong and fought against foreign enemies to protect the freedoms that you helped to establish so long ago.

Upon the discovery that we were kin, I was told that your revolutionary spirit passed through those 9 generations on to me. I don’t know about that. Did you know that we refer to you as the father of our country? Certainly I’m passionate about our public education system and seeing that the problems we have are fixed, but what I do easily pales in comparison to how you led us into our independence! Oh cousin (may I call you “cousin” or would you prefer Mr. President?), it certainly would be a lot easier to contact and speak with all of these board of education members, legislators, the governor, and education commissioners, if I had you here with me! But is it wrong to giggle with delight at the idea of these men and women who very well might stumble over themselves to listen to me, merely because my cousin – the President – told them to?

Well, Cousin George, since we can’t tackle these politicians together, and I don’t foresee that I will ever cross the Potomac River in a surprise attack, I will indeed keep your revolutionary spirit tucked away inside of me. Perhaps just the knowing is enough inspiration to keep me moving forward. If, however, you ever feel the need to make a Presidential pronouncement and whisper into their ears “Listen to her, she just might be on to something here!” – well, that would certainly be appreciated.

With much admiration,
Your 2nd Cousin