David Thrasher, my 5th great-grandfather, and the great-grandson of Henry and Deborah Thresher (See how this all comes together?) was born 7 March 1765 to Henry and Mary (Brown) Thresher in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.   He married Phoebe Prescott on 22 January 1787.  She was the daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth (Healey) Prescott, born in hampton, New Hampshire in 1768.

I could write about he and his wife, the little bit that I know – but the history of the Thresher (or Thrasher) family was done many years ago by my “cousin” Amanda Thrasher.  She has done such an incredibly thorough and well thought-out job, that today I will simply share with you what she has written on David and his wife, Phoebe.

In discussing the settling of the town of Raymond, she writes of Stephen Prescott:

“who came from Hampton, and built a house in the woods in 1775…Stephen Prescott had two children.  Susan married David Osgood, father of the late Stephen Osgood; Phoebe married Dave Thrasher and lived in Raymond, and then in Candia.”

In the History of Raymond, New Hampshire [Fullonton], he gives the following Thrasher biography:

“Henry Thrasher lived in Hampton.  He had a son David born March 7, 1765.  He came to Raymond, married Phebe, daughter of Stephen Prescott and settled where a cellar is seen east of the Levi Moulton place, and afterward moved to Candia.”

When David and Phoebe moved to Candia, he took up the grant of land that his son, Henry, and descendants would live until 1911 when it was sold outside of the family.  The house was still standing when Amanda Thrasher was there in 1933, and she writes:

Part of the house is over 150 years old and the ‘ell’ that then stood at the back was a portion of the first home of David and Phoebe.  The nails used were all hand-hammered and were distinctly visible.

The “Old Homestead” stood just down the hill a little beyond the fence.  The country around the farm is quite hilly and rocky…There were at that time 185 acres in the farm, but the first original grant of  King George to David Thrasher contained only 20 acres.  This old grant is on record at Portsmouth, N.H.”

- Photo located athttp://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/o/m/Sandra-R-Sommer/PHOTO/0009photo.html

David & Phoebe Thrasher’s homestead (Photo located at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/o/m/Sandra-R-Sommer/PHOTO/0009photo.html)

David and phoebe lived out their lives in Candia, before David’s death on 18 March 1819 and then Phoebe on 28 December 1831.  They are buried in a private cemetery that sits on the boundary of the “Old Homestead” and the Ben Critchett farm.