I had promised that I would share the story behind the banner pic at the top of my blog, and that time has finally come.

If you followed my other blog you’ve already read the story, and if we’re Facebook friends, you’ve probably read it twice since I’ve shared this story previously two other times in previous year’s Valentines Day.  But it’s a sweet love story – at least it is to me.

The above photo is of my grandparents, Paul & Bessie (Thrasher) Parrish, and it was taken the spring after they were married.  The house they’re standing in front of is the house that my great-grandfather, Charles Parrish, built in 1913, and yes, the newlyweds lived at home with his parents for a short time after they were married.

But what I personally think is the greatest part of this photo, is that the horse in the picture with them was their wedding gift from his parents.  No silverware, new linens or stemware…but a horse.

My how times have changed

They were married on February 14, 1935 – Valentine’s Day, 79 years ago.  The story told to me was that they met at a square dance that grandpa was calling.  He saw her from across the room, and the rest is history, remaining married for 57 years before grandpa passed away in 1992.