Not really. There’s not really a story to tell…not yet anyway!

A week ago I was alerted to an opportunity to get a free DNA test. No, I’m not discussing paternity here. What else? Ancestral history!

I’d never considered the DNA side of genealogy – it was too expensive and let’s face it…way too scientific for me to even attempt to wrap my brain around. But when this offer showed up to be one of the inaugural testers of a new DNA test (meaning…FREE), well that was half the battle right there! And I figured that I’m an intelligent enough woman, and we’re talking about my life’s obsession…I’ll get scientific if I need to for the sake of genealogy!

So this morning I swabbed the right cheek, the left cheek and the inside of my bottom lip. I tried to document this moment in my history with photographs (because I tend to photograph EVERYTHING), but let’s face it, looking at the inside of someone’s mouth is just – – – gross – – – unless you’re a dentist or dental hygienist – and even then, it can’t be all that pleasant. So instead, here’s a really cool pic of my DNA…on 3 swabs…in an envelope.


Admittedly, I had a moment of panic after I had already swabbed, thinking I had messed it up. I had read once that DNA and genealogy are mostly a guy-only thing (something to do with the Y chromosome passing from father to son…genealogy is such a sexist hobby). Yet my kit said NOTHING about the test being for men only. I called to make sure. Apparently this is a brand new form of DNA testing that is all inclusive, for men and women, linking our maternal and paternal, genetic ethnicity, and so on and so forth (I feel my head starting to hurt already).

So now I’m very excited, and very anxious for the next few months to pass quickly so I can figure out just a little more about the workings of this crazy group of people called my family. I’m still not entirely sure the story that this will tell. However, if it comes back telling me that I come from a long line of farmers in Ohio …I may just cry, for this is what I already know. Whatever the results, they won’t be available to me until after the beginning of the year. That gives me plenty of time to study up on the role of DNA testing in genealogy.

This is going to call for a much larger supply of Mt. Dew and Chocolate to get me through.

“Your story has been shaped by generations of people, places, cultures and experiences that live on in your DNA. Completing the simple steps in this kit will reveal your own unique blend of ethnicities, which can connect you with your cultural roots and the fascinating lands your ancestors once called home…”

(This post originally appeared on November 10, 2011 at http://apartyo5.blogspot.com.  I’m sharing it here in the process of making this my genealogy-related blog, and in anticipation of an up-coming blog posting with the newly released DNA results from Ancestry.com)